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Survivor: The Australian Outback

Survivor 2

Survivor 2 Field Guide

The much-anticipated Survivor 2 airs on Thursday nights. 16 new contestants are divided into two groups and slowly people will be removed from the game. There will be contestant challenges to test physical aptitudes. The last person playing will win 1 million dollars. The alliances and physical endurance’s is what makes the show appealing to the audience.

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The shows host is Jeff Probst and its producer Mark Burnett believes that the sequel will be just as entertaining as the first. The new group is much more into the game and Richard Hatch would not stand a chance to be the lone survivor with this group. The contestants do know who the winner is?

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The contestants picked were one that could endure the harsh conditions that they would face, and indeed there was a greater degree of suffering in the sequel series. Here is the line up of players for Survivor 2


Alicia Calaway
Colby Richardson
Keith Famie
Mitchell Olson
Amber Brkich
Elizabeth Filarski
Nick Brown
Jeff Varney
Tina Wesson

The site for Survivor 2 was a cattle ranch near Herbert River Falls in Northern Queensland, Australia. The location was comprised of a varied terrain consisting of desert, mountain, and jungle terrain. The series will premier on January 28 following the superbowl.

Newfoundland Hiking

A Hiking Guide to the National Parks and Historic Sites of Newfoundland

When CBS launched Survivor, no one could have predicted the viewing frenzy that followed: The country was immediately hooked on the weekly action-adventure series that felt a bit wicked -- like spying on your neighbors. The premise -- sixteen real people dropped on an island on the South Pacific for 40 nights, with one person being kicked off the island each week and the last remaining "survivor" pocketing a million dollars - proved more interesting than a voyeuristic game-show. Sure, there was the ultra-hokey ritualism, spewed straightfaced by host Jeff Probst, but the drama inherent in this competitive setup grew more compelling each week. Survivor: Season One pieces together some of the holes left in the plot by the constraints of a weekly slot. There's cursing and nudity aplenty (a warning, though: the latter comes courtesy of Richard Hatch) as well as some graphic footage of the show's infamous rat eating. Did you hate Gretchen Cordy and wonder how in the world she ended up on the island? Now see what the producers saw in her with the contestants' audition tapes, previously guarded to the death by CBS. And for everyone whose VCR wasn't running that fateful night in August 2000, Susan Hawk's departing speech -- you know, the really angry one -- is here in its entirety as it, like the rest of the castaways, continues to seep into the country's collective psyche. The DVD of Survivor: Season One has enough goodies to keep it from being banished from your viewing rotation. Aside from detailed island maps and contestant profiles, it features each contestant's voting history and complete voting confessions -- which are especially enlightening, considering the short shrift CBS gave them each week. Interviews with Probst and the mastermind behind Survivor, executive producer Mark Burnett, will satisfy and fascinate even the most jaded reality show fan.



Survivor Series Video.

Survivor Soundtrack

Survivor Soundtrack.

One of the highest-rated TV series of all time, the 2000 program Survivor came out of nowhere and caught on like wildfire. It seemed viewers just couldn't get enough of cutthroat Rich, rude Rudy, conniving Kelly, and sore loser Susan who battled one another to be the lone survivor on a desert island. Audience response to the innovative music heard on the program led to the release of an instrumental soundtrack album, which features the program's original, exotic score by renowned composers Russ Landau and David Vanacore (Landau won a 1985 Grammy for Best New Age album, while Vanacore has scored shows such as Law & Order and VH1's Behind the Music). In keeping with Survivor's stranded-on-a-desert-isle theme, tracks such as "Ancient Voices," "New Frontier," "My Tribe," and "Survivor Yell" have a primal feel to them, with tribal-sounding percussion, wailing vocals, and chants. Several tracks, including "Big Drama," "Tally the Vote," and "Explorer," are simply full to the brim with sweeping, melodramatic orchestration -- one such track, "I Can See It," is reminiscent of Elton John's often grandiose Lion King soundtrack. Despite its rather cheap-sounding drum machines and synthesizer-laden production, this score still evokes images of the island's exotic landscape and the primitive lifestyle of its temporary inhabitants. Ayelet Prizant


Kayak Book

Kayaking Made Easy: A Manual for Beginners with Tips for the Experienced

Survivor Party Pack

Survivor Part CD.

Much like the soundtrack to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Survivor: Official Party Survival Kit collects a baker's dozen of pop songs loosely related to the themes of the phenomenally popular reality game show. Ranging from the obvious (Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive," Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust," and the O'Jays' "Back Stabbers") to the eclectic (Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Two Tribes" and Gilbert O' Sullivan's "Alone Again (Naturally)"), this compilation does a good job of covering most of the aspects of Survivor with musical flair. Three Dog Night's "One," Stealers Wheel's "Stuck in the Middle With You," and Fontella Bass' "Rescue Me" are some of the other highlights of this fun collection. ~ Heather Phares

DIVING TOURS, Explore WW2 Wrecks

Diving Book

Torpedo Junction: U-Boat War off America's East Coast, 1942

Survivor Book

Survivor: The Ultimate Game

You've seen the show, now read the book! Survivor is a gripping day-by-day account of life on Pulau Tiga as sixteen men and women compete for food, shelter, friendships, and one million dollars. From the shipwreck that signals the beginning of life on the island to the final Tribal Council meeting 39 days later, readers are given complete access to the Survivor experience including dozens of behind-the-scenes photographs and ends with a penetrating interview with the Survivor that completes the story. Written by the show's executive producer Mark Burnett with acclaimed adventure writer Martin Dugard, Survivor is an unforgettable look into a winner-take-all world driven by contests and conspiracies that reads like an adventure novel. It includes insights and observations about the contestants, the host, the production crew, and anyone else who sets foot on the island--no one is immune.

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Kayak Book

Kayaking Made Easy: A Manual for Beginners with Tips for the Experienced


Newfoundland Hiking

A Hiking Guide to the National Parks and Historic Sites of Newfoundland